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Great vacations!

Are you into golf? This might be a question that a lot don't want to answer just because of the feelings they have towards it. Yes, I do believe that this is a great ordeal and that it should be done as soon as we can too. Yes, why not try to get a hold of this and why not try to think that this is a better thing to do? I think that what is the great thing to do is really something good and great too. So if we come to Golf in Brittany and try to find ...

Barnmorskor alltså

Det är lite roligt det här hur barnmorskor ibland uttrycker sig, som idag till exempel får vi veta att vårt barn är ett "riskbarn". Hur knäppt låter inte det "riskbarn"? Dom menar då vår son som är halv sydamerikan och halv svensk att han är ett riskbarn på grund av sitt arvsanlag och att han då behöver en speciell spruta om vi bestämmer oss för att åka till sydamerika. Okej det är inget konstigt med det! Men att placera barnen i ett fack med stämpeln risk, är väl lite töntigt? Aja, tyckte bara det lät så fel. Annars är allt ...

Antennas for the future

When we talk about the future we have to do it with pursuit and with a goal. Sometimes we read these old science fiction books and see these movies based on those books and one can not miss noting that some of these guys was just guessing about how the future was going to become. But we instead have to be more decisively and we have to know what our future is about. That is what has happened with the 4G antenna. That is an invention that really has contributed to something amazing these last days, right?

To moisty.

My sister is on a holiday in The Netherlands with her own sailing boat. She went to some small villages in the province Zeeland. Today she is on her way back to their marina. It is very cold she told me this morning. There was a lot of rain yesterday and she and her family were not so lucky with the weather this week. In the boat it was warm because they have a heater but there was a lot of moist and this is not good for her joint complaints. She is happy to go home today. But a ...